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KnitcircusFeb 10, '10

Today we're having tea with Otterwise and talking crafters and generosity, so sit down for a virtual cuppa with us, and you might get the chance to win a Spring Pattern Collection from Issue #9!

A the homestead, we've been having some Valentine's Day crafting generosity:

Belles hearts small

Belle's definitely come up with the crafting gene; nothing could shake her determination to make perler bead hearts for all of her classmates. if you haven't seen this ingenious and addictive craft before, you place little tube-shaped beads onto differently-shaped pegboards, and then fuse the results together with an iron.

Both kids wanted to make Valentines useful for more than just decoration, so hers can be hung as window ornaments; Little Buddy created a variation on our Juggling Fest planes with special paper so all of his classmates could take home a paper toy (we checked with his teacher and she was cool).

Buddys planes 

These might not look exactly like you might imagine paper planes if you're old skool like me, but they fly like a charm.

So Otterwise is the second-to-last stop on the tour; you won't want to miss her or the final stop with Phat Fiber tomorrow–it's going to be a doozy!

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