The Hot New Thing–Now with Ice

KnitcircusFeb 5, '10

Hey, y'all, the blog tour's really picking up speed now–look for a stop every day between now and our big finale February 11th! Then we have to stop and pick up the needles for the Ravelympics, I mean the Winter Olympics.

My love for the Olympics is huge and lifelong, and my new favorite athlete for the Games is snowboarder Hannah Teter; her profile page has lots of family and interesting background info, but more than just her board skills set this woman apart:


For Teter, winning a Grand Prix, finishing second in a World Cup in the
2006 halfpipe, and finishing third in the 2010 pipe was about much more
than athletic success – it was about a village of people in Kenya who
are counting on her. While she has been sponsoring the village of
Kirindon with the production of her maple syrup for over two years, in
2009 Teter did something new by donating every piece of prize money she
earned to the village in order to benefit the people there with water
filtration systems and the promise of further growth. In 2010, the
halfpipe superstar plans to continue donating her prize money in order
to finish the water project and begin a new task that will improve the
quality of life in Kirindon

That's a woman with skills and soul; I'll be cheering for her all the way, and probably purchasing some maple syrup too.

Now, on to the tour; we're going international for this one, up to Iceland with our friend at No Patterns; her photographs of Iceland and of knitting are truly stunning. You won't want to miss this one.

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