Whew, feels strange to be so safe and happy here while people's lives are torn apart in Haiti. Mike and I have given what we could to UNICEF and SOS Childrens' Villages; the Yarn Harlot has great links to Doctors without Borders…it is heartwarming to see so many people donating services and shekels, and I know you're all generous-hearted. At our kids' school the class holding a bake sale decided to give all of the proceeds to families in Haiti instead of the class trip they'd been planning.

In the lucky world of yarn and needles, we're running on all cylinders tech editing, laying-out, writing, editing and generally preparing Issue #9 for our big online debut. Only two weeks left (ulp)!


Detail from one of our upcoming designs….twenty patterns, y'all. If we can only get everything formatted in time!

This week's brought a lot of chances to communicate with our designers and for reflecting on why we're doing our magazine a little differently. We're offering the articles and pattern previews free and the pattern collection for purchase, and that's intentional. We're proud to value our designers' rights and offer the designs for a limited time so they can make their own sales decisions. If you've ever written a pattern, you know that it's way more work than knitting a garment from a pattern, and if the design requires different sizes, there are many hours of math involved.

We're small and independent and we like to work with other small businesses and support each other. In the last year, I've personally known two people who have lost their jobs when big advertisers pulled out of their publications and suddenly bills didn't get paid. I like being supported by and beholden to our readers as well as our advertisers to make the whole magazine fly.

And now, a short detour and some comic relief:this weekend is something our family looks forward to all year: the 47th Annual Madfest Juggling Extravaganza! Belle learned to ride a unicycle last year and can't wait to show her skills to the kind girl who got her started. And Li'l Buddy was eager to use his new Paper Airplane Book to make trick planes to throw. But, well, Houston, we had a small problem.

Airplane incident

Man, those things are fast!

Okay, and now the moment you've all been waiting for, our next book giveaway!

This time, we're mixing it up with a wonderful book from the sewing side of the magazine:

Joelle Hoverson's Patchwork and Quilted Gifts, from Melanie Falick/STC Craft. This book works all year, especially if you'd like to sew some patchwork but aren't in the mood to whip up a queen-sized quilt. It includes projects sorted by time–from less-than-two hours to more than 12– including the stunning Color Wheel Quilt and lots of baby, child and home designs accompanied by gorgeous, stylish photographs.

So just leave a comment and you'll be entered to win; we'll do a nice leisurely time frame and do the drawing on Monday evening the 18th (Martin Luther King Jr Day). If you can't get comments to work, you can ravmessage me to enter the book drawing: jaaladay.

If you sign up for the Knitcircus mailing list, so you'll be notified when issues go live and receive the monthly online newsletter, we'll enter you in a drawing for 10 free yearlong subscriptions to our pattern collections! Sign up at the bottom of this page or on our site.

Best of luck, enjoy tectonic stability and have a great weekend,


ETA: I just added the Aden Hat pattern to the Ravelry Help For Haiti list, so if you purchase this pattern, I'll give 100% of the money to Doctors Without Borders for their specific work in Haiti through the month of January.

January 15, 2010 by Knitcircus
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