Manos hat small

FO! I recently celebrated my birthday, and allowed myself to knit a project for me. Many hat patterns in my mind vied for the needles, but really, when you've got yarn this gorgeous, the simpler the better, so kept paring down to just this one decorative element. Look for this pattern soon–maybe on the blog tour…

A short story in which I cannot keep my Geekdom in Check:

So Mike and I had a big chance to go out for a date while my aunt was in town, and we actually saw a movie in the theater (we watched Up in the Air–good. Of course, George Clooney's always worth watching, and the actress I can only think of as Jessica featured prominently).

Like a fool, I wore the hat fresh off the needles, even though I planned to write up the pattern and hadn't done the writing or taken any pics yet, and like a fool left it under my seat. I called the cineplex, and the manager (who sounded younger than my cat) answered the phone.

Me: Umm, I just watched Up in the Air and I left my hat there?

Her: We do have some hats here–what does it look like?

Me: Well, it's handknit in variegated yarn…"and then there was a silence, as gears in my brain ran overtime and then over each other. I could not figure out how to explain this hat to a non-knitter. Knit from the top down? No, um, Manos del Uruguay, cooperatively made singles? Stockinette stitch on size 7 needles…"Roll-brim…"

Her: Does it have a knobby thing on it?

Me: Yes, it has just one decorative element, a round of lace. It measures about 22 inches unstretched….

Her: Yep, we've got it. (Crazy lady!)

Yarn: Manos del Uruguay from the Cat and the Crow in Mount Horeb. Knit in the round, top-down on size 7 needles….

Take care and stay safe out there, especially those of you who got as much fluffy white snowfall as we did.

Oh, and Knitcircus is on Twitter now, so if you're a friend o' the mag, stop by and let me know to follow your every word. Woolly tweets ahoy…

January 08, 2010 by Knitcircus
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