Key to My Heart Mittens, by Nicole Feller-Johnson

We've really enjoyed being a print magazine, but changes are afoot here at Knitcircus–next issue, (due out Feb 1) we're going to go digital!

I admit to having mixed feelings about this, since we chose to go print because, well, we like print. Taking a magazine with you in your knitting bag, to the library, to read in bed, feels very cozy and as a lifelong bibliophile, I have a secret belief that books themselves represent knowledge; each one is like a nugget of magic or new facts. As a kid, I used to read favorite ones (Narnia, Ballet Shoes, Pippi Longstocking, Betsy, Tacy and Tib) until they literally fell apart. But a magazines' a spendy proposition. Working with each individual LYS who carried the magazine is very rewarding, but made it tricky to grow as fast as we needed to to keep up with printing and postage costs.

So  we're expanding into the digital world, and expand we will! Now that we don't have to pay for printing each glossy page, we'll be able to stretch out luxuriously with fronts, backs and detail photos of each design the way we always wished we could. We'll really be able to showcase our designers' patterns and Ms. SABLE's eye for photos that pack a punch.

We're planning to keep the magazine looking like a magazine with virtual pages to turn; all of our articles, reviews and interviews will be free. Only, unlike the print version, you'll be able to click right on a designer or ad to learn more about them, and can instantly email a friend if you see a garment you like. We'll show the pattern previews for each design and people will be able to purchase the whole pattern collection for a very reasonable price. You'll be able to download and print out the collection pdf, so you can take it to the coffeeshop to knit and not even worry if some mocha spills on it! Current subscribers will get as many editions of the magazine as left on their subscriptions, and each magazine will remain up for the three months its current, like our pdf's do now.

It's a work-in-progress and we'll keep you posted about specifics as they're firmed up… We're still working on ideas about individual pattern sales, paper pattern distribution and Knitcircus books, so our beloved LYS's still have a vital part in our world.  We're excited to embrace the changes and explore the opportunities the new medium offers for our designers and readers and save some trees in the process.

Thanks to all of our designers and staff members who've gotten us this far, and we look forward to rocketing into the world of online magazines together in style!

Take care and craft on,


November 19, 2009 by Knitcircus

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