This weekend took us unexpectedly to Michigan for a family health situation; suffice to say that my dear MIL is on the mend now; luckily family there is stepping up to the plate in style.

So while she rested, we took the kids and their young uncle to Warren Dunes State Park. We got an unexpected windfall–a gorgeous afternoon, sunny and 60F.

Front of dunes 

We made it to the top of this big dune, and then noticed that on the other side of the flat, people seemed to be running and jumping into thin air, yelling with joy.

Upon closer inspection, we found this:

Sand dunes 

We weren't sure about it at first, but of course Li'l Buddy dared to try running down, and we soon discovered that the soft sand let you throw yourself down to stop at will.
Getting up, of course, took a little longer…

Sand dunes kids 

Shortly, two bunches of college and high school kids joined us, whooping, somersaulting and throwing each other over the edge (facebooking it all, of course). Mike and I kept turning to each other and laughing, and I even turned a couple of somersaults, myself.

In knitting news, a lot of design projects on the needles and finally a few FO's! Here's one which I'm calling the Sand Dune Scarf:

Scarf blocking 

Made from some Rowan Soft Tweed in color Bark scored at the Knitting Tree's big summer sale. This prototype needs a bit more tweaking, but  I wore it last night and it's soft and warm for sure.

November 16, 2009 by Knitcircus

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