Here it is! When we update our website, we'll add it as a downloadable pdf there, too. And it will include pics of the lovely Mike modeling the adult 3×1 rib version of the hat, but I left my camera at my brother's so he was spared modeling for today.

Jenny Hat


A great first pattern to try the top-down technique. The Noro yarn does the fancy color changes for
you, and the mock-cable rib needs no cable needle; pattern  includes both
ribbed and twist-stitch to make it a great gift for almost anyone! With a polarfleece lining, you’ll add extra warmth and
softness and evade the itch.

Please knit
these up for family, friends and charities! This free pattern is provided by
Knitcircus as part of the Hat Circus event to warm up Wisconsin’s kids. Named after our gracious
model–call it the Jamie Hat or other manly name if you knit it for a


Skill Level – Beginner

Skills needed: knitting in the round, kfb increase; twist st if you choose Twist St pattern.


Gauge:  19 st and 32 rows = 4 inches (10 cm) in St


Child’s (19-20”),  [Medium Adult (21-22”), Large Adult (23”)] Large and small sizes shown.


Noro Kureyon, 100% wool, (100
m/50 gms): ), 1 skein


Size 7 dpns and 16” circ or
size needed to obtain gauge.

Pattern Notes:

The Small version is made to have a longer ribbed bottom so
you can turn it up for extra warmth and to show the underside (as shown on
child). Not recommended for the Mock Cable Twist edging.

Mock Cable Twist  Rib

Worked over a multiple of 5

Round 1:

*p1, k1, p1, sl 4th st to R
needle, drop 5th st off L needle; slide 4th st to L needle,
pick up 5th st on L needle; knit both sts.*

Round 2-4: *p1, k1, p1, k2* around

Repeat Rounds 1-4 for

3×1 Rib St.

 Worked over a multiple of 4 sts

Every round: *k3, p1*

Hat Instructions:

CO 5 sts on 3 dpns.

Round 1: Join for working in
the round; *kfb every st* (total 10 sts.), using 4th needle to knit.
Pm to show beginning of rnd and mm every rnd. 

Round 2 and all other even
rounds: *Knit*

Round 3: * kfb* (total 20

Round 5: *k1,kfb*

Round 7: *k2, kfb*

Round 9: *k3, kfb*

Transfer sts to 4th needle
when sts seem too crowded and add 5th as working needle.

Cont in this manner, inc sts
between kfb by 1 each odd round, through Round 19:*k8, kfb.* (90 sts).

For med and large: Round 21:
*k9, kfb* (100 sts)

For large only: Round 23:
*k10, kfb* (110 sts)

Switch to circ; cont in st
st (knit every round) until hat measures 5.5” (6”, 6.5”) from top of crown.

Decrease set-up round:

For Mock Cable Twist: dec 5 sts evenly spaced.

For 3×1 Rib, dec 6 [8, 10] sts evenly spaced.

Ribbed section: Begin working Mock Cable Twist Rib patt; or 3×1
Rib; cont until just enough yarn rem for BO round (approx 16 rnds S, 14 rnds M
and 12 rnds  L).

Bind off all sts in pattern.

Finishing: Weave in all ends. If desired, cut 2”x 20” [22”, 23”]
piece of fleece material and hand baste inside ribbed section of hat for
softness and extra warmth.

Below: small/child's version with turned-up cabled section.




November 05, 2009 by Knitcircus

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