Snow fell this weekend; not enough to stick, but it added excitement to the soccer game, I can tell you. We decided to change the name of the kids' team to the Silver Snowmen in honor of kids with down coats on under their short-sleeved uniform shirts.

The sun came out on Sunday and we headed out to Eugster's Farm at Li'l Buddy's repeated urging (his class field-tripped there last week). 

Shaun sheep
We started with feeding the sheep–thanks for the good times and the wool, friend. The kids decided that this one was Shaun the Sheep

The kids were so excited for the Haunted House, which was mostly just a very dark and foggy maze with a scary soundtrack; they got to feel brave without getting freaked out.  I was just glad Li'l Buddy wore his glow-in-the-dark shoes so I didn't bash my head on something when they pulled me through it. We tromped through the corn mazes, where you really did feel as if you were in a forest of corn with only the blue sky above.

Pumpkin field 2
At the end, a huge tractor pulled us quite far out, past the apple orchards and corn fields to the big pumpkin patch.

Belle was determined to find the perfect one, and dragged her wagon over the muddy ruts to look at many, many pumpkins before she finally found it.

Perfect one 

Not pictured: the best part of the pumpkin trip was seeing a jolly farm dog (I would call it a Vanilla Lab) who ran up with an ear of corn in his mouth. He wanted to eat it, and I kid you not, he placed a front foot on each end and grabbed the husk with his teeth, pulling it down the ear, repeating several times until he had peeled the corn. Then he ate it with gusto.

By the time we headed out, almost everyone had numb fingers, igniting my Must Knit to Save Family gene.  I had finished this hat for myself just in time:

Cabled hat
(pic by Li'l Buddy). Part of my foray into learning top-down hats; this one I think looks a bit more like a viking or maybe Narnian leather helmet than I would like. But I did successfully increase while cabling, so it served its purpose…

I had just finished a version of the Top-Down Noro hat for Li'l Buddy, but it turned out a bit long. So another fleece-lined one for him, then it's time to work on Belle's Sweater which she chose on Ravelry last year and was hibernating
I'm looking forward to knitting that; cables and bobbles and intarsia, oh yeah!

In Knitcircus news, Ms. SABLE and our tech editor have been working away and the issue is going into final copyediting any time now!!! I can't believe we came out with 19 total patterns, and I want to knit them all.

October 12, 2009 by Knitcircus

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