Hat collection

Wow! The house was full of sewists, knitters, crocheters, kids, cookies and hot drinks, and look how many hats and scarves they made!

The very first hat to arrive was this yummy thing, from one of our readers in California.

Cali hat 2


Shown here in its full-length glory….

Cali hat


This way you get double ear protection! The wearer will get to decide which way is best on any given day…

Fleece hat blog 

A lovely fleece hat made by local reader Carol; she never left the sewing machine and turned out beautifully-sewn hat after hat.

Blue set 

Thanks to a self-identified non-crafter, a number of blue hats got matching scarves. Ms. SABLE also heroically sewed away throughout the event.

Some of the kids worked diligently; a fifth-grade boy brought his own sewing machine, and one eight-year-old cut hat pieces the whole time. 

For those who liked cookies, plenty of homemade frosted gingerbread was on hand, and my kids created a contest in which people guessed the number of beans in a jar and the four closest guesses received big ol' cookies.

The generous spirit of the event really touched me; thanks to all of you, more than a classroom full of kids will be warmer this winter. We'll distribute them to schools in Madison and Milwaukee (Kathy Kathy Kathy, we're counting on you) in the next couple of weeks.

My daughter said yesterday,"Mom, can we do that the first Saturday of every month?"

Not a bad idea, honey…(but I'll need more fleece stash!).

October 05, 2009 by Knitcircus

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