While at Knitting Camp, I got ready to work on my upcoming sweater pattern.
I swatched in the round (not pictured) and then I swatched in the flat:
St st swatch small
The next step: add lace.
Lace swatch small
Now I'm ready to start designing the sweater. Unfortunately, I thought I could figure out the lace increases as I went. Bad idea. after two repeats, the edge part was a mangle and I had to rip the whole thing out.
Then I woke up in the night and couldn't go back to sleep, so I printed out this gift to knitters everywhere, the Knitter's Graph Paper.
From 3:30 to 5:30 am, I figured out this:
Lace chart small
I'm like that guy in the Onion who does the Outside Scoop, where he tells old news about movie stars and gets most of the names wrong–hey, folks, guess what? Lace designs work much better with a chart! If only someone would invent a knitting program that makes them….or a way to know if someone called on the telephone, or soap that was soft and wet instead of in bar form…

Bonus unrelated swatch I made while these swatches were getting washed, blocked & dried:
Blue swatch

August 13, 2009 by Knitcircus

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