Relatives are starting to arrive for July Fourth–dad picked up my Grandma yesterday and she's playing Sorry with the kids right now. I love my grandma, and there's no one like her for getting totally absorbed in a game with them. Yesterday she and Little Buddy had an epic game of War going, cracking us all up as they exclaimed over every stroke of luck.

Here's a project I finished a couple of weeks ago:
Gingham shirt Belle's gingham shirt.

Orange is her favorite color, so I punched up the green check with some polka-dot bias tape. It's hard to see in the pic, but there are stitched-down pleats at the neck.  She doesn't like anything tight, so the sleeves have just the merest hint of elastic. I cut out the matching shorts, but then I got distracted…

In the sewing vein, I'm getting intrigued by Japanese fabrics, inspired by this book:
Patchwork style My mom found it at our local BN store–she has a nose for style.
I was browsing Reprodepot, my fave online fabric shop, and have a hopeless crush on this fabric:
Reprodepot_2059_336076867 What would I do with it? I have no idea! But– purple and cars. I just love it. Like I said , a hopeless crush..though why do I have a vision of a ruffled pillow….Hmmm.
Well, gotta get the kids to swim lessons, they're already in the car….

Thanks to Bezzie for pointing out that I forgot to link to Reprodepot!

July 02, 2009 by Knitcircus

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