Ms. SABLE and I got to meet Ysolda Teague at the Knitting Tree yesterday, and she was as friendly and accomplished as you might imagine. In the short time we spoke with her, she came up with a brilliant suggestion for the Knitcircus website which we'd like to get set up for Issue #7. Thanks Ysolda!

It was fun to see her designs in person–Jackie, the sweetest-ever person and owner of the Tree, got to model my favorite Ysolda sweater. Ysolda herself was wearing my other fave, Liesl. I've been enjoying looking through her book–I could see making pretty much everything in it, starting with the adorable little mouse for the kids–they've been asking for real white mice as pets and I'm not quite ready to go around that block again, so maybe little knitted ones could help fill that desire…

May 31, 2009 by Knitcircus

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