Whoo! My mom and I are going to Chicago for Stitches Midwest! Well, okay, it's in Schaumburg, but close enough. We haven't taken a trip just the two of us for, wow, must be years. The last one was to Galena, Illinois, which I recommend for any girly roadtrip–little historic downtown with fun shops and charming b&b's….

We're staying right at the conference center, and I signed up for a class called Eight Empowering Edges…I know one could just look at Nicky Epstein's books, but it's much more fun to learn something hands-on from a real live person. Most of my designs have been hats, scarves, gloves, and moving into sweater patterns is the next big thing for me; having some good edges at my disposal will help my confidence there. Maybe next year I'll enroll in the Sleeve Caps class. That would be getting very technical.
My mom won't be taking classes, but with all of the vendors and the proximity to Ikea, she says she'll have no trouble amusing herself.

Socks blog In knitting news, I've made satisfactory progress on my Secret Project for the next Knitcircus–even started writing up the pattern while I was still knitting, which is surely a good sign. Okay, I really did it because my notes got so crazy and scribbly that I recognized that any loss of time would mean I'd never figure them out again.

This pic shows the Tofutsies socks-in-progress. They've grown–at least one of them has–so they're both ready for heel-turning right now. Looking around my sewing room reveals way too many lonely one-off mittens, so I swore to myself that I'd only do socks together. Once both heels are turned, I'll finish one, then, I hope, the other.

Travel bag In sewing news, this little oilcloth bag holds my toothpaste, brush, and various sundries for a little trip. Mike and I have shared the same toiletry kit for a long time, but I wanted a little one just for me. I made the pattern by laying down all of the things I wanted to take on the fabric and basically tracing around them, adding little pleats in the corners.

In Knitcircus news, all of the Issue #6's got sent out, and the Sow's Ear has already ordered more! We
re starting to get article and pattern submissions rolling in for the next issue–we're still looking for great designs and stories for Fall, due June 1. Don't be shy!

May 15, 2009 by Knitcircus

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