Wow, I just sat outside after dinner, watching Mike and the kids play basketball, and I swear, my daylilies must have grown two or three inches since yesterday! Spring in Wisconsin comes on hard and fast, like a delirious dream after months and months of winter. Our little cherry tree is covered with blossoms today–yesterday it had maybe five to 10.

Issue #6 arrived from the printer's and Ms. SABLE helped me get them all ready–if you've got a subscription, odds are your magazine went out in the mail this afternoon! Still working on yarn store orders, etc….
Orchid1S Here's our cover girl, having a good time in the Orchid Lights Shrug…

If you'd like, you can check out the Issue #6 project page or order the latest issue….

In sewing news, I finished a lighthearted, simple apron and now it's up in the photo gallery over at Tie One  On! Ms. SABLE had found the oversized pillowcase for me on one of her trips to the Digger's Outlet and saved it, knowing my weakness for flowers and cheerful colors.
You have to check out this collection of aprons, all made with no $$ spent. Amy does such an amazing job of finding themes and keeping up with the handiwork people send in! My mom and I browsed through the Rickrack and Polka Dot themed aprons while we were there….
Sunny apron pocket My apron pocket.

Take care and enjoy the spring,

May 04, 2009 by Knitcircus

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