This morning, the kids got up and remembered what day it was.

Here's their conversation as they got dressed for school:
Belle: Hey, it's raining outside!
Li'l Buddy: (runs to look out the window)–What?!
Belle: April Fool!

–Three minutes later–

Li'l Buddy: Hey, look, it's snowing outside!
Belle: April Fool!
Li'l Buddy: Not everything I say today is a lie.

Both: Mama, look, it's snowing outside!
Me (good naturedly): Really? Let's take a look.
(We all go to the door and open it)
Whoa, you guys are right! It is snowing!

I guess Mother Nature gets the last laugh when it's spring in Wisconsin….

I did get myself a spring present–some fancy, shiny new pins! Those little things can really lift the spirits when it's all cloudy outside.

April 01, 2009 by Knitcircus

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