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Okay, geekiness revealed–my pre-ordered copy of City of Glass arrived two days ago, and naturally, I stayed up way too late finishing it.  The author, Cassandra Clare, wrote some hilarious parody fiction about The Lord of the Rings a while ago, and through that, I stumbled on her other writing, a trilogy of online novels that are Harry Potter fanfiction.

 I know, right? I had never even heard of fanfiction before. But her writing, the emotional intensity and well-developed plotlines, drew me in, and by the time she had finished the last installment of the Draco Trilogy (not available online anymore) she landed herself a real book deal for her own stories!

This is the last of the three, and I've loved them all, but found that this one just got sharper and more focused with each page, drawing to a satisfying and inevitable conclusion. If you don't mind reading books supposed to be for teenagers (and, hey, Harry Potter and Twilight fall into that category) I highly recommend The series–City of Glass, City of Ashes and City of Bones. If you live in town, I'll be happy to lend you mine!

In knitting news, I'm still working on some Knitcircus-related projects and have also begun a mini-cast-on fever. In preparation for trying the beautiful hand-dyed sock yarn I got at the Knit-in, I'm testing a basic sock pattern with Tofutsies first:

Here's the lovely Sophie's Toes yarn, destined for my mom's socks:Sophies toes blog
And the beginning of the test sock:Sock in progress
I took these pics on the sunny weekend we had–nothing but clouds since then, but, hey, it's not snowing, so as a Wisconsinite, I'll declare myself happy.

I noticed that Whip-Up had a roundup of basic sock patterns to try, so give that a look if you're in the market for them like me…

And Knitcircus has some heartfelt thanks to deliver for some nice blog and podcast reviews!

Stash and Burn,  one of my favorite podcasts, has a link to our site from their blog this week, and promised to try to review us in the upcoming installment! Thanks so much, Jenny and Nicole!

I just found out that  Knit Therapy  podcast gave us a lovely, glowing review this fall–check it out!

And right on the heels of Susan B Anderson's thoughtful review comes another pic-filled one, this time from the fun,  Rhythm of the Needles  blog.

Wow, we're excited and touched to have people saying such good things about the magazines.

March 26, 2009 by Knitcircus

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