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Okay, not the best shot of  Stephanie Pearl McPhee, but you get the idea–she spoke at the  Knit-In  on Saturday!

The Yarn Harlot takes the prize for Most Gracious Person I know hands-down. Much to my surprise, she agreed to meet with our freelance writer and gave her an interview the night before the Knit-In. Before the classes started, I got to meet with her in the shortest book-signing line ever,and she was so busy asking about me and listening warmly, that I totally forgot to grovel in a very Wayne and Garth way–"we're not worthy!"

At lunch, I wanted to lunch by my gal from the Sow's Ear, and gulped when I realized that Stephanie sat across from her at the round table! But I nerved myself and sat down just one chair removed–lo and behold if she wasn't sweet and funny and entertaining as we ate,cracking us up while allowing everyone else plenty of time to shine.

So we're very excited–we'll have an interview with Stephanie in Knitcircus Issue #6!!!!! It's shaping up to be a humdinger, I tell ya.

Harlot encounters aside, I loved my welcoming carpool gang, my Knit to Fit class with Kathy Digman rocked, lunch was surprisingly good, and, of course, the vendors pulled me right in. I got to meet the Creatively Dyed  woman, who'll be advertising with us, and whose yarn takes my breath away. Mindy from Fiddlehead Yarns turned out very fun in person, and she displayed a Vanilla Twist hat (bottom of page–free pattern)in her booth next to a mouthwatering pile of Malabrigo worsted.

What a day. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Thanks so much to everyone from the Knitter's Guild who worked so hard to make it so smooth and enjoyable, and to all of the teachers who shared their techniques with us.

March 16, 2009 by Knitcircus

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