Kate swatch
Kate swatch!
The Kate's Cardigan Knitalong Kickoff at the Knitting Tree was fun! Thanks to everyone who came–a  mother-daughter pair, both knitting Kate, a woman who made the trip down from Neenah (her daughter goes to college here, so a double-duty trip), a new knitter who's got lots of moxie and more people in and out of the store. The Knitting Tree women wound lots of Kate-type yarn and provided a warm and relaxed atmosphere. Thanks, gals!

Here's my Kate swatch, using a pretty raspberry color of Berocco Ultra Alpaca. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring it along with me to the event, so it was only after I'd struggled through the provisional cast-on (made those crochet loops too tight) and worked a few rows did I get a chance to measure and saw that I need to go up a needle sizze. So I'll be trying the provisional cast-on again. Luckily, nobody else had trouble with it, and people zipped right along as we sat at the big wooden table at the Tree.

For the party, I made my other friend Elizabeth's famous Snickerdoodles–is this a midwestern thing? People either love them or have never heard of them. For people who get the Knitcircus online newsletter--I'll post the recipe for you next week. It's easy, economical and delicious. At least this Midwesterner thinks so…I've always been a big fan of cinnamon and sugar.

If anyone couldn't make it and still wants to participate, you can always catch us on our Ravelry group, Knitcircus, where Elizabeth checks and answers questions promptly, or our KAL blog.

This week promises bunches of knitting fun. Saturday the Knit-In will allow me to spend the whole entire day knitting,enjoying conversatioin with knitters, learning knitting and listening to the Yarn Harlot!!! Squee!!!!

I'll be sporting my new Knitcircus t-shirt on my big belly, so I should be easy to spot. Yes, we have a CafePress store now! So if, like my daughter, you've got a yen to share Knitcircus love with the world, you can easily show it on mugs, bags, notebooks and clothes.

Okay, must go next door to Grammy and Buppa's for spinach casserole. Believe it or not, this meal is a favorite with everyone.

March 10, 2009 by Knitcircus

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