Lots of action here–the Kate's Cardigan Knitalong officially started on Sunday–coincidentally, that was our submissions deadline for Issue #6, too! High-quality patterns all around, and we've got a big article in the works! Thanks so much to everyone who gives their energy and creativity to Knitcircus. You're the best.
We'll be making the decisions this week, so if you submitted, you'll hear from us soon.

One of our favorite designers, Susan gave us a great write-up on her blog–thanks so much, Susan!

The kids went back to school yesterday after four days off–it felt good to have some time alone to work and knit. But we enjoyed ourselves over the weekend–Mike made turquoise waffles–yep, that's right, he loves the food coloring–the kids got to go to an Imax movie about the ocean with Uncle J and Aunt K and Mike and I got dressed up and had a date, the big work party. They really got it right this year. Last time, the caterers miscalculated, and by the time we reached the food, the trays literally had a couple of peperoncini peppers and a few pieces of matzoh (why, I've never figured out). This year, dishes from around the world, and plenty of of them. Mike guided us through a shortcut so we got to the Indian food early, and once my plate got filled with chicken tikka masala and saag paneer, I couldn't ask for anything better. We could se behind some screens set up, people ladling curry out of huge coolers just full with food. I can't imagine how they carried them in, or how they judged how  much to make, but Belle could have had a bath in one of those containers. It was exciting to see fragrant sauces in that quantity.

In knitting, of course I've been concentrating on our deadline, so secret projects for now. But I'll give a sneak peek at one of the sewing projects–this is the sewing equivalent of a swatch, I'm guessing.
Sewing detail
"peace" print by Alexander Henry.

March 03, 2009 by Knitcircus

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