Last Wednesday, Felty-M drove us out to  Susan's Fiber Shop  on an unseasonably warm and rainy day. Susan simultaneously ordered yarn, told her son how to deal with sheep, their feed and mud and educated me about the Midwest Felting Symposium, which brings in artists from as far away as Japan and the Netherlands to demonstrate innovative techniques.  Once the sheep were taken care of, she treated us like guests, taking all the time in the world to educate Felty-M on a possible weaving apparatus for her daughter.

Want to see some parts of her store? It's a converted barn, the rooms just keep going and going….Unfortunately, I didnt get any shopts of the spinning wheel room and not much on the fleeces, either, since I'm a pre-spun yarn kinda gal, but, trust me, Felty-M found plenty to engross her in those areas….
Susans 1 blog

Susans 2 blog
I loved this reading area!
Susans 3 blog
Oooh, shiny fleeces. Shiny, pink fleeces.
Susans 4 blog
Oh, and, hmmm, I seem to have brought home just a few skeins of yarn. I figured since I don't get out there very often, I should stock up…..Plus some of it was on sale. Really.

The top yarn there, SWTC's Yin and Yang, has already jumped onto the needles for a design in Knitcircus #6. Swatch please….Chevron swatch blog
Now I just have to knit the rest of it before the deadline (March 1!)…
oxo jaala

February 19, 2009 by Knitcircus

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