Raveled handwarmers We don't get days like this in February very often. It's the kind of day that makes a Midwestern girl feel a little giddy, especially since the last few weeks have been studded with days whose noses never got above 5 degrees Fahrenheit. My latest project decided to sun itself on the window ledge for a little while. Yes, it's a day for cats, kids, dogs, everyone to get out and enjoy–both sunny and windy, but reaching 56 degrees! Yes, you heard me right. Fifty-six! I sent the kids to school this morning in rain boots and sweatshirts, and didn't that look strange to our ice-addled eyes.

Of course, the wind I can hear through my door–yes, the big door is open, only the storm door is closed–is supposedly bringing snow behind it. But we're not thinking about that today, No, today we have spring. 

The wool soaking up the rays here is a design for handwarmers I've been working on–called for now the Raveled Wristwarmers, as a nod both to the kind of cable they use and to my favorite knitting site.They're made with leftovers from the Vanilla Twist hat, Malabrigo Worsted.

Last night, the amazing Amy D picked me up and we joined hundreds of knitters at the  Madison Knitter's Guild  meeting, to hear Nancy Bush wax rhapsodic about Estonian lace shawls. Even more exciting (to me, at least) was that Susan, of  Susan's Fiber Shop  fame, sold Knitcircus at her vending table, and she's going to start carrying them in her store as well! I've never been there–yet. Tomorrow,  Felty-M  and I are planning a field trip!

And the Guild turned out even better than that–the folks at  Stitcher's Crossing  told us thay'd like to start carrying the magazine as well! This afternoon, I deliver to them.

The last and exremely fun part of the evening involved me and Amy, with an incredibly good-humored posse from the Sow's Ear, having omelettes and pancakes at Perkins. Yeah.

February 10, 2009 by Knitcircus

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