While we're waiting for Issue #5 to come back from the printer's, trying not to bite my nails too much, I pass the time swatching for some new patterns. It's been tricky, with the kids off school for five days with the wind chill and Dr. King day,–then yesterday, Buddy stayed home with the sniffles.
So, let's see, that's given me one whole day out of the last seven that I got to spend working. Still, swatches are coming slowly (but ideas come fast! There's the irony…)
Exhibit A–a green tweedy swatch worked in Brown Sheep's Serendipity Tweed. That explains the tweediness. Color–water lily leaves. What a great title.
Green swatch
Red swatch
Exhibit B–silky swatch in Ella Rae Bamboo Silk. This swatch got ruffled within an inch of its life, and then the recipient and I decided not to use the ruffles. That one grew quite a bit after washing, so I've got more, smaller swatching to do.

How about a FO! Whoohoo!Handwarmers blog
I saw this pattern on Ravelry, I'm pretty sure, and printed it out from someone's blog, but I can't find the title of it anywhere! If anyone finds out, please let me know. It's a great stash-buster for leftover Malabrigo Merino, and I may have just one or two colors of that floating around…I had a tiny ball of Little Lovely left after making the Mod Cables hat and wanted to have styley matching handwarmers. Unfortunately, the ball turned out tinier than anticipated, so I knitted one complete handwarmer, and the other I had done up to the top ribbing, but the yarn gave out. Since the finished one seemed roomy, I proceeded to un-knit and re-knit it on smaller needles, and came out with just enough to finish them both!

In other news, there's a fun, free download available now from Interweave– Free Sock Patterns! Some Ann Budd and other popular designs. I've subscribed for years and love the magazine, but sometimes it's nice to have a handy little bunch of patterns together so you can find them easily, even if you know they're all in the big stack of magazines somewhere…

I was definitely inspired by Susan's Embossed Leaf Socks.  The River Rapids Socks are on the back burner, but still moving along slowly. When those are done, I've got a nice pink ball of Tofutsies from my birthday just waiting for something good….

Speaking of something good, I'll leave you with my current sock-pattern crush– the Swirly Girl Socks from Yarnmonster. It's been too long since I could sink my teeth into a good fair Isle project.
And–bonus crush–I think this pattern from Elli Stubenrauch is the cutest thing ever made.

Okay, off to eat some lunch and work on the next issue….
oxo jaala

January 23, 2009 by Knitcircus

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