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Today the cold spiked down so hard the kids are home all over the state. The windchill here is supposed to reach -30 F. I feel so guilty about all the little birds and squirrels in this extreme weather. It's got "climate change" written all over it. The kids and I filled the feeders before the cold spell hit, but still, if I were a conceptual knitter I'd make 137 Bird Cozies to display on bare tree branches somewhere.

Still, environmental angst aside,our heroic minivan managed to squeak over to Ms. SABLE's this morning, so we looked once, looked twice, looked again, crossed our fingers and sent Issue #5 off to the printer's. I can't wait to send this one out, and to cast on some of those projects myself….

In knitting, I breathed a big sigh of relief when our writing deadline passed, and had fun noodling around on the River Rapids Sock. I enjoy the bamboo/merino yarn from Ewetopia  a lot–so smooth.
River rapids
Pictured here ne\xt to a brithday present–an orchid about to bloom. Since my record with tropical plants has some blemishes, the givers assured me they'd take it back at the first sign of trouble as soon as it finished blooming.

As I was relaxing with a project that came without strings–no deadline! For me! I happened to look at a calendar and notice that the deadline for the next magazine comes in a mere four weeks. Holy deadlineville, batman!
So I'm swatching away on a lace project which I hope to work in this gorgeous yarn–Malabrigo laceweight in orchid. Yum. Though next time I'll ask for help in the store and avoid hand-winding 1400 yards of yarn into a ball;).
Book and yarn
Love this book, too.

And one last thing–the evil plan is working…
Little Belle started a hat for a friend yesterday and already has this much done.Belle knits
Proof again that scarves aren't the best beginner project. Even though this has more stitches, she keeps commenting how much easier it is without having to take out the needles and turn the work around.
Stay warm, take care,

January 15, 2009 by Knitcircus

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