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Our family gets to celebrate lots of holidays, with our mixed religious background. Last night we had a big Chanukah dinner at my parents', with latkes, blintzes, dreidels and gold coins. My mom gave gifts from SEVA, genius that she is, even to the kids. A number of eyes got wet when she gave out the cards.
So here's our lovely, slightly wild-looking tree. I love looking at the ornaments we've made in the past–the noodle chains, salt-dough cookies, paper chains (this year–the kids even did the stapling!), pinecone ornaments…
Today, my aunts and grandma are all here and we're going to do the Serbian Butterhorns all together (that's not our recipe, but will give the idea…). It takes teamwork, but the results are worth all the rolling, filling and powdered-sugaring.

I have managed to finish a few presents:Catnip toys blog

The kids and I made a bunch of these from a Martha Stewart Kids' holiday –they're little catnip toys made from mismatched kids' socks! They finished in a jiffy and we made some for all of the cat lovers in our extended family, until we ran out of catnip (we still had mismatched socks!).
Here's one in action:Cat action blog Flannel pants blog
Mike's getting a handmade gift this year!His beloved flannel pants finally wore out, so I'm surprising him with a new pair.  Note to self–next year, more sewing, less knitting.Mod cable mittens
For my SIL–some Mod Cable Mittens to match her Mod Cable Hat. She wears the hat every single day, so I know she'll love these. OKay, they're not quite finished, but they will be, oh, yes, they will be….
Knitting sock
Hmmm. I let the kids roam free with the camera yesterday, and guess what I was doing?! This sock has a turned heel, but it's anybody's guess if I'll be able to pull it off by tomorrow.
And, now–oh, the shame! There's no way to get this one off the needles:Dad scarf blog
Half a scarf for my dad.  I Love Katie's suggestion about the many-colored woman's version of this scarf. I'd really like to try that.

Let's not even talk about the scarf I was making for my mom, that expensive kit….
Definitely, more sewing next year, and I'm going to start those Xmas gifts in July, I swear.

So, gotta knit, but we're going to have a great day, with butterhorns and our traditional Christmas Eve dinner of Swedish Meatballs (hey, you don't have to be Scandinavian to love those….). This year I'm going to try baking a coffee cake that you prepare the night before, let rise and just add heat to in the morning.
So, Happy Chanukah, Happy Solstice, Merry Christmas, and I wish everyone a happy, healthy new year with plenty of good knitting!


December 24, 2008 by Knitcircus

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