BuyHandmadePledge_100x100 Yep, I took the Handmade Pledge this year, except for a few things beyond the scope of my craft, like a basketball hoop and ball.

I've got roster of gifts to make for almost everyone on my list, from oilcloth grocery bags for the kids' teachers to a chevron-patterned scarf for my dad. So, the thinking-of-handmade-gifts part worked out fine. The fulfilling-the-list part isn't happening on schedule, though. According to my calculations, I need a finished gift for every day of December, and right now I average .25 a day. Hmm. Somehow, in my obliviousness (maybe the gingerbread aroma in here?) I keep thinking it'll be fine, that I'll just achieve more the rest of the days. Hmmm.

To avoid my guilty holiday shortfall, and, more to the point, have a bunch of fun, my mom and I went downtown to the New Location of the Holiday Craftacular this morning! The three inches of snow that fell this morning didn't deter us, which marks my mom's strong desire to Craftaculate. She even parallel parked, flawlessly, landing us a spot right next to the venue. Craftacular-400x266 
The talented Michelle, of Purple Moon FIbers, carried Knitcircus at her needlefelted arts booth, and she reported a new store was interested in carrying us! You're the best, Michelle.

We saw peeps from Absolutely Art, Anthology and the now-online Glitter Workshop, plus so many fun and appealing handmade things we could hardly stand it. Given enough cash, we would have happily blown through there like a tornado and taken home something from every booth. As it was, we showed admirable restraint, we thought. We found hand-dyed socks for the aunts, a rhinestone button pin for Grandma, festively-painted wooden spoon for my SIL, adorable stuffed cone-shaped trees for my mom's mantel, handmade soap, and I secretly purchased a wooden cake-topper doll and cupcake magnet for my mom (you can tell a love of baked goods runs in the family).

As always with these DIY events, I felt compelled to buy such low-priced items and also compelled to point out right now that they are too low-priced. You gals need to value your work! This is a longstanding issue in the art and craft community–my readers may not know that my dad raised us on proceeds from art and craft fairs, starting with the smaller ones and working up to the American Craft Council shows and galleries he works with today. He would often have my mom set the prices since he'd make them too cheap. We women tend to undersell ourselves even more–"It only took me ten hours to knit– I think $28 is a fair price, don't you?" 

Okay, stepping down from the soapbox. The new location allowed a bigger and much better-lit fair, and we had so much fun walking around and taking it all in.

Speaking of art fairs, Ms SABLE and I will represent Knitcircus next week at the Very Merry Holiday Fair in Baraboo. If you're in the neighborhood, stop on by, and send over your Baraboo friends!

In knitting: most of what I finished is for Knitcircus #5, but here's a peek at two of my gift projects:
Exhibit A: My mom helped me cut and arrange these 144 squares–they're going to be a doll quilt for Belle's Am. Girl doll. My dad is making the bunk bed as their big present to her. The purple flowers and pink/red/blue melange are fabric from dresses I wore at Belle's age.Doll quilt
Dad scarf

Here's my dad's scarf–this one wasn't even on the List, but he's mentioned several times lately that he needs a scarf, and I had bought yarn for him last year and not made the project. My dad can't wear wool, so these are all cotton/bamboo/silk/denim blends. I'll most likely negate all my careful yarn choices by lining it with flannel, since I'm a wool gal who isn't sure a cotton scarf will keep my dad warm enough for Wisconsin.

December 06, 2008 by Knitcircus

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