Ms SABLE and I took a fun day to visit yarn stores in Milwaukee and environs last Friday. A benefit of being in the knitting magazine game is that spending the whole school day stopping at fibery lovely places, chatting with fibery lovely people and, ahem, buying a few fibery lovely things, is considered business.

Even though they were our second stop, the Yarn House gets top billing here, because they immediately bought five issues of Knitcircus and paid us on the spot! The name doesn't lie–it's a yarn store housed in a historic home in Elm Grove, Wisconsin. The little rooms are full to the rafters with yarn, books , kits, etc. I bought myself a new copy of Scarf Style there, since my previous copy had been loaned and never returned. This one will never leave my arms.

Our first destination, Knitch, in Delafield, I found an appealing store. They carry some of Ewetopia's hand-dyed yarns, too, which made me happy. Knitchblog

After a relaxing lunch,(yes, we got to be those Ladies who Lunch…) we walked in to Fiberwood Studio, where I was awed by all of the luxury fibers displayed lovingly in the small, yet elegant space. And, by some strange and heartwarming twist of fate, who should be taking a class there, but our faithful blog-reader, Katie!  We got to see her sparkly eyes and gorgeous smile in person, and I hugged her and the spindle she was holding at the same time.
What a treat!
The atmosphere was upscale, but we found everyone at Fiberwood very friendly and welcoming, and I bought a ball of Zealanda yarn as a souvenir. I know it's a different creature than the ones we have around here, but I just couldn't resist a yarn containing 30% possum. I mean, who could?

As it happened, Katie actually works at our next destination, Loop Yarns, so she called ahead to let them know we were on our way. I practically swooned at the clean, mod lines and array of Malabrigo and Koigu yarns at Loop, but couln't fondle them long, since we had to dash to make it home before the kids finished school.

Ms. SABLE's driving mojo got us home with exactly five minutes to spare. What a woman.

In non-road trip news, this free set of patterns is so cute I can hardly stand it! Tiny sweater, dress, cape ornaments-I know one present my mom's getting this year.

Oh, and in correcta-mundo news, I've revised parts of the Mad City Hat pattern so it's clearer (I hope), so if you'd like to knit that, please shoot me an email–jaala@knitcircus.com, and I'll send you the edits.

October 16, 2008 by Knitcircus

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