Issue #4 is out! We're now at Lakeside Fibers in Madison, Borealis Yarn in the Twin Cities, and Ewetopia Fiber Shop in Viroqua, as well as White Lotus Teas (Madison), Nina's(Spring Green), Ms. Vicky's Yarn Cafe (Baraboo), and our old friends the Knitting Tree (Madison) and The Sow's Ear (Verona), who've been with us from the very start.


The actual cover is a bit of a closer shot on our man, but you get the idea. Thanks so much to our yarn stores. Smooches to you all.

In non-magazine news, my little baby turned 7!
The balloon-in-the-cup was a tradition started by my parents– we've added the special Red Plate at breakfast. I always loved galloping down the stairs on my birthday and seeing that birthday cup! Unfortunately, our ranch house doesn't allow for much stair-galloping, but our kids are pretty happy about it just the same. My little bunny is seven, and real kid—jump-roping, playing with legos, taking piano lessons….whoa.

And, in other knitting news, I've taken the plunge into sock-knitting. It may surprise some of you that I've never knitted a sock in my life! I went to the Knitting Tree and asked for a first sock pattern, and Jackie immediately whipped out the Knitting Pure and Simple instructions.
I had my doubts about this whole heel-turning thing, and found it pretty counterintuitive, but gol-darned if I'm not ready to knit the instep! Whoever first thought of the sock knitting technique was a genius.Sock1blog
So, the first of many socks (I know there will be more, since three, count them, three people have requested holiday gift socks). 

Looking around on Ravelry this morning, I found out that there's a KAL for the Tatiana gloves!(Look up the Knitty KAL group). I'd like to join in and do my best to help people out if they have questions…

Over and out! 

Now i'm going to hang up some laundry outside on this flawless, sunny fall day.

October 08, 2008 by Knitcircus

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