Boy, is it harvest season around here! And thanks to the good dirt that Dad brought in, we have real green and red peppers, thick-walled and juicy, and a tomato forest, as well as edamame to spare.

The kids and Buppa visited the country last week and returned with a big bag of apples and two huge zucchini from some neighbors.Applesauce Behold the bag of goodness.
Buppa and Grammy lent us their apple-corer/peeler, which the kids from the block enjoyed a lot. We cooked up four batches of applesauce, which are all gone already. My, but they were good.

Li'l Buddy helped me make several batches of zucchini bread and muffins–the recipe generously given by Katie was a big hit–my SIL already asked me for the recipe. The muffins turned out light and fluffy and yummy to all. I even have some in the freezer ready for a rainy day. Thank you so much, Katie!

This weekend, we all worked as a team making salsa out of our bounty of tomatoes–weighing, peeling, seeding, chopping in the food processor, cooling, freezing, and of course, tasting two batches of salsa.
Peeling the tomatoes wasn't nearly as intimidating as I imagined, and after blanching, they were really easy to peel–both kids took turns with instant success. My mom laughed when she saw us watching a video on on how to deseed tomatoes–what would we do without the internet?
A big thanks to Ms. C for patiently tracking down and sharing her Freezer Salsa recipe!
Salsa Tomatoes and peppers ready to go. I'll have a pic of the salsa soon!

In knitting news, I've taken the plunge and joined Mystery Stole Knitalong #4.
Yikes! Never knit with beads before, but I'm ready for a challenge. Here's my swatch….
Mystery swatch

August 24, 2008 by Knitcircus

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