Michigan blueberries have earned their reputation, I can tell you. This is the first of two pies I made the other day, and my dad, mom, husband and kids all liked them so much that we've started a new tradition–pie after vacation every year! My mom even happened to mention that they had some blueberries left from the box that we brought them…..
It takes a surprising amount of berries to make a pie, I learned. Two of them did a pretty good number on our ten-pound box.
I used my pie crust recipe (which I shared in Knitcircus, Issue #2–it's truly no-fail) and the rest of the directions from the Betty Crocker Cookbook. I love that book–I swear, it makes the Plato's Table of all food, the exact model that you think of as the representative of that category, whether it's whole wheat bread, sloppy joes, or chocolate-chip cookies.

In knitting, I missed the Olympic team signup on Ravelry, but I'm still watching, listening and knitting like a champion (except slower). We even let the kids stay up late to watch the swimming and gymnastics last night.
Just watching the Parade of Nations gets me choked up, watching as the contingent from France, Iraq, USA, Georgia, Russia, Qatar, Madagascar, Republic of the Congo, all get their moment to shine, all there together. And I always watch the opening ceremonies for that reason–there's no competition. Everyone waves the flag and celebrates that, even if only for a few moments, Trinidad and Tobago can stand as proud as any of the Big 8 But the Opening Ceremony blew me away. I just watched this clip of Li Ning flying over the stadium and my mom and I both cried again (choose "Li Ning soars").

Here's some Olympic knitting:Honeycomb hat
This is Version #4 of the Honeycomb Hat for the Fall issue; #5 just came off of my needles last night. And I finally got the decreases just so.

*For people who've asked for back issues–I'm working on it!
 We were waiting for some ink, but it just arrived, so I'll get some printed, bound and ready to roll as soon as family life allows.
Take care and knit on,

August 10, 2008 by Knitcircus

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