Home again, home again….it feels good. Especially since Mike mopped the kitchen floor before we left and helped me get the place shipshape.

So we've been visiting Mike's relatives in Michigan–the kids spent most of the visit happily immersed in as many bodies of water as we could find.
Swim vacation We trotted up to Detroit for a wedding, then jaunted back to see Mike's mom and eat some delightful Italian Beef, then returned to garden bounty–my dad pruned our basil shrubs and welcomed us back with homemade pesto.
The garden has been going like gangbusters. Tomorrow we must make zucchini bread.Squash blossom And, I visited the Knitting Tree to drop off their magazines, and lo and behold, they'd just received huge boxes of yarn. You could practically swim in the gaily colored strands of wool. And, wouldn't you know that Kaffe Fassett has come out with a new yarn. Kaffe is like the guy you've had a crush on since kindergarten and still secretly harbor a yen for. I remember looking at Glorious Color with my mom in the 80's and swooning, so when I saw this, I knew that, like it or not, price would be no object.Yarn closeup

August 05, 2008 by Knitcircus

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