Hey, I've been sewing–I even made more patterns than we can fit in the summer Knitcircus!
So here's a pic of my lovely SIL modeling the Sash, and a recipe for you to make one for yourself.


Sash and Dash:

Jeans are great, and when you want to look a little more
put-together or romantic, this sash dresses them right up.


Size: Every size.


Cotton broadcloth: ¼ yard ; fabric shown is ‘Swell’ by Urban
Chiks for Moda

Lightweight iron-on interfacing: ¼ yard.

Dressmaker’s pencil

Measuring tape or ruler


To make:

Measure your waist (for this
design, the waist is defined as wherever you intend to tie the sash) and
then add 8 inches to each side, for 16” total.

For example: my waist is 36 inches; 36+16=52”.

  1. Cut the sash piece: cut 1 piece
    from fabric, 4” wide and your total length from #1 long. Mine was 4”x 52”.
    If you’d like you can use multiple pieces: allow ½” seam allowance on each
    end to be sewn. Pin pieces right sides together, sew ½” seams and press
    open. Measure to make sure the final piece is the correct length.
  1. Cut interfacing—one piece= 4”x
    Your Total Length
  2.  Fuse to fabric piece following the
    instructions on interfacing. Generally, a medium-hot iron (no steam) with
    smooth movement applied over each area for approximately 15 seconds does
    the trick.
  3. Make center line: fold wrong sides
    together and line up long edges. Press.
  4. Mark diagonals: measure 1.5 inches
    from the end of the short edge; using a dressmaker’s pencil, mark both
    left and right sides.  Use ruler to
    draw line between center crease and mark. Cut along lines to form arrow
    shape. Repeat on opposite end.
  5. Sew diagonals: fold short end with
    right sides together, pin. Sew ½” seam, trim to ¼”. Repeat on other short
    end of tie.
  6. Turn right-side out; use closed
    end of scissors to push out points if needed.
  7. with
    right side facing out, fold and press ½” of fabric to the inside, folding
    so that both sides are evenly turned under. Press and pin in place.
  8. Edge stitch ¼” along this edge,
    removing pins as you sew.  Continue
    to edge stitch around the whole piece.


Clip thread ends.


June 24, 2008 by Knitcircus

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