Tomorrow's my daughter's last day of kindergarten–wow, that went fast. Now I'm starting to understand why people always tell you to enjoy this time, it doesn't last–it felt like my kids stayed 2 and 3 for about five years, but this school year just zipped by.

So I'll be able to do some knitting this summer at parks and while I watch the kiddles play t-ball, but the work on the magazine will have to be done on the sly, when they're sleeping….
The zine has blasted off in the past few weeks–we have a bunch of very talented women on staff now, and a whizz-banger summer issue in the works.

We're talking sexy, we're talking domestic, we're talking three rings of knitting and craft, with revealing vintage aprons, some recipes, reviews and articles.

Also, I just can't seem to stop thinking of fun summer sewing patterns, so I may have to put one or two up here soon.

Here's my latest FO–the Key Lime Scarf for Issue #3, with my backyard peonies.
It's in Malabrigo Silky Merino–poor Malabrigo, I hope things work out for them soon.
Right now, I'm knitting another one in Koigu KPPPM, because I just enjoyed the rhythm of that lace pattern so much. I may simply always have to have one of these scarves on the needles from now on….


June 11, 2008 by Knitcircus

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