So, first we have the ideas, and put them together, and ask talented knitters to contribute patterns, and write articles, and let us interview them, then we set it all up in the graphic design program, after which we look through again for editing mistakes, and finally, it’s ready to print!
The printer lives in our basement, and I call it The Monster, because it’s big and lurks down there in the dark.
Also,The Monster is finicky, and it will only associate with those of which it approves. Unfortunately, it does not like the manners of the computer where the magazine lives. Mike has to repeatedly go down there with a chair and tame it, and persuade it to accept the ‘puter into the Monster’s good graces again.

So, once The Monster purrs along and does its deed, we have big piles of shiny paper with pictures.Img_0125

I take them over to Kinko’s where they obligingly cut them to size with their big ol’ machine, and I bite my nails hoping I’ve told them the right dimensions and they aren’t ruining all od the precious zines. They don’t. So it’s off to the high-tech binding workshop in my sewing room. Time to get out the hammer and nails!

Each zine gets three nail holes pounded in it, ready for sewing. Somehow, it amazes me that I’ve never lost a zine to bad nailing. The paper takes to it well.

Img_0126 It’s okay, no zines were harmed.

Now we thread the needle with some beautiful, yet durable yarn. I think this gold is Muench ‘String of Pearls,’ but I’m not absolutely sure.Img_0131

We sew it up nicely…..Img_0133

Tie a knot…..Img_0136

And we’re done.

Ready to slip into envelopes and hand-address to our subscribers, or drop off a box to The Knitting Tree or Sow’s Ear.
And now you know our secrets….


May 11, 2008 by Knitcircus

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