Hope_hat_picI just can’t stop! It’s been so exciting to see the response to the YWC hat in the Knitters for Obama group on Ravelry. Since many of my family and friends also support Barack, I see many more opportunities to design these toppers in the future….
Just so you know, the stripes on the ‘O’ in the pic look a bit wonky, since I was trying to figure the pattern out as I went. If you follow the color chart provided, yours will look much better :). If you’d like to see any of the pics in this entry more closely, just click and they’ll get bigger.
If you’d like to see the charts better, I can send them as an attachment if you shoot me a request at jaala@jaalaspiro.com.

ETA–I re-measured my head (which I based the pattern on) and have recalibrated the measurements accordingly. Sorry about that, but now they should be true to size.



Yarn: Valley
Yarns’ Northampton,
100% wool, 247 yds/ball; less than one skein each Laguna Blue and White. Red:
less than one skein Knitpicks’ Wool of the Andes, 100% wool, 110 yds/50 gm
ball, Red, or yarn of your choice to get gauge. You could use Zara Marino,
Karabella Aurora 8, Knit Picks’ Wool of the
Swish Superwash…

Needles: US 7 16”
circ and set of dpn’s.
Notions: Yarn
needle, straight or safety pins (picot version)
Gauge: 18 st/4
inches, or 4.5/inch
Sizes: 20” (21”,
22”, 24”) head circ

Notes: To keep
things simple, I’ve opted to use Duplicate Stitch to add the red on the ‘O’
Also, you can choose from either a picot edging (ribbing
folded inside hat and sewn) or ribbed edging. The pic shows the picot option.

CO 80 (84, 88,
96) st. in blue. Join for working in the round, being careful not to twist

Picot version:
Work 9 rows 2X2 rib (this will be turned to the inside of
the hat–the ribbing just makes it fit better)
Row 9: knit
Row 10: picot row; *yo, k2tog*
Row 11: knit
Rows 12-16: one-stitch fair Isle stripe: *k1blue, k1white*
or whichever colors you prefer. 

Ribbed version: Work
8 rows 2X2 (k2, p2) or 1×1 rib (k1, p1), whichever you

Both versions, body
of hat:

Next row: knit with blue
Following row: begin Color Chart, making sure to twist yarn
behind every four or five st.

Please note that the chart should show two blue st to the left of the ‘H’,instead of one, but my graph paper ran out.

This is the chart for the back of the hat. If you wish to do stripes, checkers, etc, instead, go for it!

Cont following chart for 15 rows.
Rows 1-3 after chart: knit with blue.
Accent stripe:
Row 1: knit with red
Row 2: stripe: *k1 red, k1 white*
Row 3: knit with red
Next 5 rows: knit with blue

Place marker at beg of row; sl every row.

For 21”, 24” sizes:
Row 1: *k4, k2tog*
Rows 2-3: knit
Row4: *k3, k2tog*
Row 5-6: knit
Row 7: *k2, k2tog*
Row 8-11: knit
Row 12: *k1, k2tog*
Row 13: knit
Row 14: *k1, k2tog*
Row 15:knit
Row 16: *k2tog*
Row 17: knit
Row 18: *k2tog*

For 20”, 22” sizes:
Cont to K for 3 more rows following the 5 rows in body inst.
Then begin dec rows.
Row 1: *k6, k2tog*
Row 2 and all even-numbered rows: knit
Row 3: *k5, k2tog*
Row 5: *k4, k2tog*
Row 7: *k3, k2tog*
Row 9: *k2, k2tog*
Row 11: *k1, k2tog*
Row 13: *k2tog*


For both versions:
Top of hat: cut yarn with approximately a 12” tail, and thread through yarn
needle. Bring through all rem live st and pull closed; weave in end securely.
Using yarn needle and red yarn, use duplicate stitch to
apply the red stripes in ‘O’ as shown on chart.
Weave in all ends.

 For picot edge

Turn ribbing under at picot row to form sawtooth edge. Pin
in place using safety or straight pins, and sew in place with blue yarn and
yarn needle. Don’t pull st too tight so hat won’t pucker on front.

 Now wear with pride and vote with confidence!

This pattern is for
personal use or as a donation or fundraiser for the Barack Obama campaign
only–I know you’re above all that selling it for your own profit stuff.

End Note: this pattern was created in a spirit of collaboration
and sharing. If you come up with a cool color chart for the back of the hat, do
any fun variations on shaping or accents, or find errata in this pattern,
please let me know! Send an email to koiknitting@yahoo.com,
or leave a comment on the blog.


February 24, 2008 by Knitcircus

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