Img_1996 This one is for all you caffeine Junkies out there (And you know who you are!).

I love the Java Jacket that I made from Heather’s pattern in our first issue of Knitcircus’ Koi Knitting.  Unfortunately, I have the problem that this java jacket pattern is for normal folks, people who get single, double, or maybe in a pinch, a rare triple latte.  It doesn’t quite work as well as I need it when I bring on the quadruple lattes (Skim/caramel, ‘natch) which have lately been a staple in my life.

So I made a supersized Java Jacket to accomodate my ever growing addiction. I was in a local coffee shop waiting for my drink the other day looking at a schematic of the molecular structure of caffeine while I waited for the frothy, bitter goodness to be ready. I realized I needed to incorporate it into a knitted piece. This one didn’t turn out so great, it’s functional, but I kind of got carried away, fretting over what color to make the double bonds(Each different type of bond, and each different element has a different color.  Totally geeked out – I know), and feeling sad that there are only 2 oxygen molecules (for which I chose green of course, the prettiest color).  The upside of it is that it was fast and fun, much better than the organic chemistry reactions I sweated so many hours over in the dark recesses of my past.

I think I will sit down with a nice cup of coffee and figure out where to take this…….

Mucho Gusto and Cheers


January 22, 2008 by Knitcircus

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