Okay, here’s a Christmas present I made for my parents– I saved this for the last present, and, since I’d never quilted before, they both just stopped when they opened the box.
"Did you…make this?" My mom asked.
They were wowed. I couldn’t have asked for a more satisfactory response, even though it was hard keeping it a secret from my mom (they’re right next door, you know). It’s a wall hanging, which my mom put in the hall next to their calligraphy by Thich Nhat Hanh reading, "I am home; I have arrived."Img_0078

It’s hard to see in the pic, but both colors of blue have wave prints and gold outlines. Then I quilted wave patterns over the whole surface and appliqued the lotus on last. One night, Mike and I watched American Graffiti while I hand-sewed the back of the frame (I think that was December 23rd–nothing like cutting it close….)

And I meant to have this present finished by Xmas as well,since it was beautiful handspun yarn my mom had picked out at the DIY Craft show sponsored by the Glitter Workshop. Dang, I’m off track now, just noticing that the Glitter Workshop is closing! The woman who runs it is expecting their third child, and wanted a little less stress, I guess. I can’t fault her for that.

Anyway, this cost a pretty penny, and I only had one skein, so I was prepared to mix and match with another yarn (Malabrigo, of course).
First I cast on for the bottom of the hat, but didn’t start with the ribbing, and just worked my way up, until the hat miraculously was finished with some left over! So then I picked up the stitches on the bottom and worked the ribbing down. I ran out of yarn on literally what I planned as the last row, so I bound off with the yellow, and it looks kind of like a chain stitch. My mom was happy because she finally had a hat to match her yellow coat.

Sneak peek:  Part of a pattern I just finished writing for the magazine a couple of days ago. This uses Valley Yarns’ Southwick, a bamboo/cotton mix, which I really liked working with.
Issue 2 will be making its big debut probably mid-to-late February, so watch out for it!
Heather at the Sow’s Ear also kindly wrote a plug for us in their next newsletter, which goes out this week. Thanks, Heather! You rock.

I was lucky enough to get to Late Night Knit at the Sow on Friday, along with new friend Graymama. She not only drove and entertained me, but I cajoled her into writing a yarn review of that cool corn fiber yarn for the magazine. She’s capable, cute, and a good sport, too!
Okay, signing off. Now I will cough and watch Jon Stewart for a little while as the kids play something downstairs with Mike.


January 21, 2008 by Knitcircus

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