I’ve been busy.  Img_1938_2
The other day, I dyImg_1942ed a bunch of wool that I re-purpoImg_1941_2sed from a couple of thrift store sweaterImg_1947s I got last winter.




I’ve been drawn to the greens lately so I chose a yellow, chartreuse, and emerald palette. This time, I tried acid dyes instead of the kool aid or food coloring dyes I usually use.Img_1953


After unraveling the sweater, I made the world’s biggest hank of yarn, which was fun putting on my head and pretending it was a giant braid.

I soaked the wool in vinegar water, and then put it into the kettle.

I did one end with yellow, the whole thing with the chartreuse, and the other end with emerald since I wanted the color to have some richness and range to it.

After dying, I rinsed my yarn and let it dry. I had to do quite a bit of rinsing before it stopped bleeding color.

I also had some balls of a repurposed blue wool, that I dyed in the ball.  I was trying to get an effect where the wool transitions from green on one end of the string, to blue at the other. 

After a couple days of  wool drying all over my house, here is the finished product. I’m really happy with the acid dye, it looks good and I’ll use it again.

now I just need a project for this yarn……




January 15, 2008 by Knitcircus

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