Well, I finally decided to grit my teeth and try cables. Much to my surprise, cables are one of those things that look absolutely divine and complicated but are actually a snap. I  did the Cable Ready Bag from Lion as my learning project and by the end I felt like a complete genius. I tell you, everybody could use some of that in their life from time to time. Am I not right?

I’m really happy with the finished bag. It is so nice to do a project just for me. My favorite part about it is the way the lettuce malabrigo looks with the bamboo handle. So pretty! I liked the handle so much that I didn’t cover it all up as the pattern would have had me do. It is interesting how different my cables look from Jaala’s.

The other thing that is just so brilliant about this project is that it is my first with Malabrigo yarn. I have read online about others’ love affair with it but it took Jaala’s recent enchantment with it to get me to try it out.  Oh.  My. This yarn is so soft and luscious in the hand. It is so totally satisfying to work with that I am planning on using it for a big upcoming felting project that I’ve been madly designing (Stay tuned for a blog post about it soon!) I usually feel a little bad felting with a lovely yarn, because much of what makes it so lovely gets lost in the finished felted product. But with the malabrigo, the process is made so nice just by the nature of the yarn. It will definately be worth it.

And I won’t even go into all the colorways. Not for people who can’t make decisions when faced with abundance and unquantifiable lovelyness. Sigh.


January 12, 2008 by Knitcircus

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