But first, Happy New Year!Img_0219

We surprised even ourselves by going to the world’s largest indoor waterpark to bring in 2008! The hotel gave everyone shiny swag for the evening. Not pictured–the exciting tv with cable!

Today, I want to thank my mom for inspiring me all the time. You see, my mom, who lives right next door to me (not making it up!) has an advanced degree in Art History and a well-honed aesthetic. Her clean living allows her to collect beautiful art books, which we view as wealth like some might look at ruby necklaces.
Her Art Library includes lots of books on fiber arts and knitting (mom focused on women’s art, the intersection of devalued ‘women’s work’ with craft and high art) and a girl couldn’t ask for a more generous fountain of ideas and beguiling pictures than my mom provides. Just this morning, I stopped over for a cup of tea and she had found the new KnitKnit book. Knitknit
We both drooled over it, and could feel Big Ideas brewing as we looked at the photos and profiles of cutting-edge fiberistas.

My mom can always tell me which design ideas will work, which pictures look best, which comma is out of place, and where to find the latest Selvedge magazine. She is awesome. And I couldn’t ask for more than to have her well-trained eye and ready stack of books when I’m thinking about a new design.
You’re the best, mom.
Thanks for having me!

January 07, 2008 by Knitcircus

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