Today was Cookie Day, with the end products going to Mike’s coworkers, the kids’ teachers and some of our neighbors.
was mildly surprised to realize that I had socked away in the freezer either dough or
finished cookies for: molasses crinkles (Lil A calls them "wrinkles"),
chocolate cookies, pink-and-brown pinwheels, cranberry-orange
. Then today I made some jam thumbprints and my mom and
grandma helped us prepare peppermint bark. So, not too shabby. Tomorrow
I’ll try for chocolate-covered peanut butter balls and my mom’s new
recipe for eggnog sugar cookies.
In the meantime, I have to try to wake myself up to sew beanbags for the kids tonight and work on my parents’ wall hanging.
I’m Cleopatra floating down DeNile when it comes to knitting. Somehow I need to both start and finish a hat for Mike tomorrow.

Hey, if you have littles who are just learning to write, we’re loving these gift tags from A little Hut.
Belle has been writing and decorating these for her grandparents and teachers and I don’t know which of us feels prouder looking at them (maybe me).

When is a UFO really a UFO? When it’s Lil A’s rainbow hat!

And here’s my favorite Advent Calendar ornament so far:Img_0092

Happy Solstice, everyone. Let’s celebrate the Return of Light.


December 20, 2007 by Knitcircus

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