Man, that Advent calendar’s telling me there are only six days left until Xmas…..I’m running alternately hot and cold, worrying that we’ve overdone it (what about a Little House on the Prairie Christmas, where they got one doll, or a fountain pen–my kids will be victims of consumerism!) and that we Haven’t Done Enough (The Calico Corners nursery school was sold out–will she like the baby room furniture just as much?).
I think I actually broke a sweat in our local toy store this morning over that one. Then I ran across the street to Anthropologie to purchase a beautiful Book on France for my mom in the ten minutes I had before picking up Lil Buddy from nursery school. it was a shame moving through that beautiful store so fast, but I managed to pick up some Pamplemousse soap for her as well and get back to my car in the allotted time, panting from the mad dash.

Somehow, I pictured myself moving more coolly and collectedly through the holidays.

Of course, the list of knitting projects and sewing gifts on the list in my head way exceeds the amount of time left before the round man comes down the chimney. At this point I wonder if it’s better to just cast on for everything and give each person a box with a project still on the needles, or just do the reasonable thing and call it a day on the ones that are just a tiny ring of knit fabric which only faintly resembles its destiny in my mind (that one inch of 2X2 ribbing is going to be a ski sock for my dad! Can’t you tell?).

The kids’ sickness for 10 days in prime crafting season slowed me down a bit. But I do have some FO’s, some of them already shipped off!
Looky— Hats for my aunt and her fiance.
Malabrigo worsted, naturally. The purple one is Orchid and Purple Magic, and the creamy one has a fair isle band of the Amoroso left over from my SIL’s scarf. Both on bamboo 16" circs/dpn’s, my own patterns.
These hit the post office last Thursday. I couldn’t believe my luck; I walked into the PO with a stack of packages as tall as my torso and went right up to the desk!
"This is amazing!" I said to the friendly employee. "I thought I’d have to wait in line for hours!"
All three of the women turned toward me in unison. "Shhhhh," they said. "Don’t jinx it."
I hope that other people that day got some of that good parcel mojo.

This is the cable Ready Bag, a Lion Brand Pattern. My mom had pointed this out in a knitting magazine as something she would love to have.
My first foray into cables. Now I understand why people adore cables–they were like knitting smoke-and-mirrors magic. The only tricky part about the technique was remembering which jeans pocket I’d left the cable needle in. Unfortunately, after a promising start, these experienced some kind of weird funk at the handles stage.  As you can see here, at this point the bag was inside-out. As a seamstress, I interpreted the instructions "with wrong-side out" to mean that the bag should be inside out as the handles got covered with crochet. I struggled on, making more and more loops. Finally, I covered both of those rick-rackin’ rings only to find that the handles were now stuck inside each other when the bag was right-side out like some sort of brain-teaser puzzle. I ended up actually cutting a whole handle’s worth of yarn off and starting again.

The second time around wasn’t much fun, but I did prevail, even though the handles ended up taking as long as the whole rest of the bag. Img_0016

True to the nature of this particular project, the finished bag pics mysteriously disappeared from the computer while transferring to the proper folder. Maybe it’s shy.

On the needles now:

Rainbow Hat for Lil A, Spiral Purl hat for my mom, Purple earflap hat for Mike, ski socks for Dad, Where’s Waldo birthday sweater for Lil A (his day comes only a few days after Xmas).
Not even started yet: cute-as-a-button cell phone cozy for my mom; free pattern by the generous bittersweet
Rainbow hat for Belle (parity in all things)
Nap Pillows for kids
beanbags for kids–my dad made a cool wood beanbag-toss game

I’ve decided to give up on making them each a pair of pants.

After the holidays, I’m looking forward to making a ruffled skirt for Belle and can’t wait to see the pattern for this delectable apron
xoxo Jaala

December 18, 2007 by Knitcircus

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