Whew–I’ve shoveled twice already today, and now Mike’s taking a turn. Hope everyone’s driving carefully and getting home safely out there….

No matter how much shoveling I did today, I just love snow. Look how pretty our front yard spruce got….

The kids played relatively well while I cleared the walks, and we tried a Martha idea–snow lanterns!
I remember reading about those in books as a kid and couldn’t wait to try it.Img_0044

This was the second one–the first Belle decided to locate under the spruce canopy, "So it can keep the tree warm."  Both little tea lights have been burning for over an hour very nicely– I can’t wait for full dark to see the effect.

This past weekend we hosted a neighborhood Holiday Party, and though the preparatory cleanup ended up with one of those mad dashes where you throw everything on the bed and close the bedroom door, the party itself went swimmingly.
Belle and I made gingerbread cookies, and we unfroze the sugar cookies from last week, and the kids got little plastic bag frosting squeezers, with a tray of sprinkles in the middle and they just went to town.
The grownups got to drink hot cider and eat my mom’s eggnog cake.

This is my mom’s gingerbread cookie recipe–they make big, soft cookies. Mmmm, my favorite.


Mix well:

1/3 C soft shortening ( I used butter)

1 C brown sugar, packed

3/4 C dark molasses

3/4 C honey

Stir in: 2/3 C cold water

Sift together (I didn’t sift) and stir in: 6 C flour (my mom uses all whole wheat; I put in 2 C white, 4 WW)

2 t baking soda

1 t salt

1 t allspice

1 t ginger

1 t cloves

1 t cinnamon

Chill dough, covered.

Roll out very thick (1/2")

PLace on lightly greased baking sheet

Bake at 350 about 15 minutes, until when touched lightly with finger, no imprint remains.

In craft news, here’s the Advent Calendar these days:Img_0113

And some FO’s–hats for Belle’s teachersImg_0105
.  Unfortunately, progress on the kids’  presents has been slow, since they’ve been ping-ponging viruses back and forth, so have been home a lot! Today Belle would have returned to school, but the weather prevented her triumphant return. I’m crossing fingers for their good health tomorrow!

Tonight, another Martha project–icebox cookies. Belle and I have three colors of dough chillin’ in the fridge as we speak.

December 11, 2007 by Knitcircus

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