Img_1699_375x500So, do you remember the felted bowl I was going to make?  I talked about it in this post. I kind of thought it might turn into a felted tote bag but here it is – definately not a bag.  The wool (Peruvian wool from Berrocco, and Taos variegated) is so soft and snuggly that this thing has turned into a sweatshirt. It is loose and comfortable and is the perfect palette to show off the beautiful color variations of the Taos. The pattern for this snuggly and beautiful sweatshirt will be in the next issue of our magazine due out in February.

I’ve been busy knitting this piece, cruising along productively (As evidenced by the lack of other activities such as floor cleaning – nnniiiiiiice hardwoods here :O ) but now progress has slowed to a crawl on the raglan decreases.  Raglan seams are a breeze by themselves, as is fair Isle repeat work, but when you combine the two and try to write the pattern…….all I can say is ouch, brain pain. 

The tricky part comes when the color repeat falls on a raglan decrease stitch. In order to maintain your color block in the pattern, you need to make adjustments in the number of stitches of main color. Which is fine, not that awful, but when writing up the pattern, you end up with rows that look like a whole paragraph of work!  It’s crazy, this bad boy is going to need 5 pages in the magazine for the pattern – yikes is that normal?

I think I will go look at some existing patterns and research how those designers handle this particular conundrum because the way the pattern is written makes it seem much more confusing than it really is.

I am pretty much done with the sweatshirt. All I need to do is finish up the neck decreases and then do the nice purl edging. It has gotten really cold out and I am looking forward to having this wear-everywhere garment ready to go.

Happy Knitting!


December 10, 2007 by Knitcircus

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