In my veterinary practice I do a lot of work for a rescue organization, resulting in a parade of sweet baby animals through my clinic on a daily basis. Naturally, some of them make it home to my house. My husband can be pretty easily convinced to take on new pets, though he does fear entering into the category of "Crazy Cat People".

Yes, yes, it’s OK dear.

Anyway, I have two orange kittens at the moment who get into everything.  This, in combination with the swath of terror wreaked by DESTRUCTO-BABY (Don’t even ask what it was like setting up for the craft fair yesterday with her on the loose) has been tragic for my knitting, which gets distributed randomly around my house, knotted, unraveled and generally abused.

Not being one to be discouraged, I now have everything put away in a collection of bags.  (Brilliant- because I can now feed my bag addiction along with the knitting mania!)  I really love the small tafeta bag by Lantern Moon.  It is a perfect size for smallish projects and easy to bring with me.  I have the purple one, of course, and it’s gorgeous.  Another new bag that I love is Della Q’s Eden project sac.  It’s big, light, and beautiful.  I schlepped my almost donechunky sweater easily in it to the craft fair last night (Which was a blast BTW)  I’ve never really seen the Della Q stuff and now am realizing how dangerous it is that I have discovered it………..

So, that is my bag roundup – they would make great holiday gifts for the knitters in your life hint hint.

Happy day and great knitting


December 08, 2007 by Knitcircus

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