Grab Bag
Camera Bag

Because you are
far too fabulous to have an ugly camera bag!


Measurements and materials are given for worsted weight
yarn. Use two colors unless you have a
nice self-striping yarn, then that will suffice.

US #8 dpns

Tapestry needle
Vintage button
Worsted weight yarn in a main color [MC] and contrasting
color [CC], 1 skein each.


18 sts/24 rows = 4 inches


Body of Bag

on 18 stitches using US#8 dpns. Knit
5 rows in stockinette. Using dpns, pick up 3 stitches on each short side, and
18 stitches on the cast on edge (42sts). Place marker at beginning of one of
the short edges and knit in the round as follows. Knit one round. On short
edges, K1, Knit into the front and back of the remaining two stitches to make 5
stitches (46sts). Knit 19 rounds in MC. Purl 6 rounds in CC. Knit 8 rounds in
MC, ending two stitches after marker. Bind off 24 stitches (22sts). This will
become the flap cover.


Flap Cover

Row1: knit

Rows 2-10: continue in stockinette.

Row 11: switch to CC. Purl

Row 12: knit, repeat rows 11 and 12 two times.

Row 17: switch to MC. Knit.

Row 18: p2tog, p to last two sts, p2tog,

Row 19: ssk, k to last two sts, k2tog, Repeat rows 18 and 19
4 times.

BO Row.

Cord Strap

CC, Decide how long you would like your cord to be. You will cut pieces of yarn
approximately 3 times as long as this length. For a thin cord, cut 4 pieces,
for a fatter one, cut 5. Knot the pieces together at one end and have a lovely
assistant hold that end. Holding the other end taut, start twisting the strings
until you have a tightly wound cord that will coil together when the tension is
relaxed on the yarn. When you get to this point, take the knotted end from your
assistant and allow the yarn to coil up into a cord. You will be amazed – it does
it all by itself! If the cord has some kinks, gently milk them out by massaging
them down the cord to the bottom. Tie a knot in the unknotted end at the length
you would like the cord to be. Cut off excess cord that you don’t need. Insert
the ends of the cord through the knitted stitches on the sides of the bag, near
the top above the purled band, and knot the ends inside the bag. Adjust cord
length to suit your taste.

Sew a
vintage button on the middle of the body of the bag. Crochet a small loop to fit over the button,
and attach it at the appropriate spot on the inside of the flap cover.

Leave it as is, or adorn the outside of the flap cover with
a pin, or felted flower.

Happy picture taking and fabulousness! –Erika

Grab Bag is pictured in Noro Kureyon colorway #207.  Adorned with vintage button and felted flower, pattern in Knitcircus’ Koi Knitting, Issue #1

December 06, 2007 by Knitcircus

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