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Needle Gauge Necklace

I have to take a moment to rave. Not in a rant-&-rave sort of way, but in a This is the MOST!  AMAZING!  THING!  EVER! way. I bought one of these absolutely brilliant needle gauge necklaces from artist Erica Schlueter at Late Night Knit Night the other day. Not only is it a hot necklace, but I use it all the time. A big source of frustration for me is
that I can never find my warped and bent Susan Bates Knit-chek tool. It is an awkward size that doesn’t fit right anywhere, thus ending up lost all the time. Now, with this necklace, I’m set. Check out Erica’s website, Bent Metal to get hooked up with one of your own or for a fabulous gift for the knitters in your life.

In other news, my baby turns one today. A year ago, I was holding her close for the first time, shaking my head at the fact that she was far too big to fit into most of the sweet baby clothes I had worked so hard to knit before she arrived!

I had to include a couple pictures, naturally.  Here she is in one of her birthday gifts, from my Mom.  A romper knit in Lana Grossa Merino 2000 superwash. It is the overall pattern from a Paton’s pattern book "Giggle Knits". The top is a bit loose, but I remedied that with a luscious ribbon. Voila, a warm and snuggly one year old!

Happy days,

December 04, 2007 by Knitcircus

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