Wow.  Last night, I attended the Madison Knitters’ Guild meeting–200 knitters showed up! And they were on time, and way organized, and had the fabulous Amy Detjen as a speaker. She kept everyone laughing as they knit to her talk on The Top Ten Knitting Lies (the only ones I remember are–"Ravelry won’t cut into my knitting time," and "Weaving in ends is fun").

It turns out that Erika and I met the illustrious Ms. Detjen when we dropped off a batch of Koi at the Sow’s Ear, and she bought the very first one!

Koi is expanding faster than Garfield at a lasagna festival (sorry, the kids really like reading that comic these days)….Erika and I can’t contain our excitement, and we’re going to start needing test knitters soon for all the patterns we’ve got in the works.

Any of you who’re going to Late Night Knit Night at the Sow’s Ear this Friday will have a chance to win a free Koi! We’re going to be raffling off three copies and some beaded stitch markers.  Maybe Erika will even get her Java Jacket cup-holder knitted by the end of the evening. I know she got some delicious yarn for it when we were yarn shopping dropping off copies of Koi at our LYS today…..

Take care, knit on, I’m off to pet my own purchases and dream of their destinies. Also to watch Pride and Prejudice, my favorite knitting video. Mmmm, movies. Mmm, yarn.


The lovely Erika modeling my Belle Bobble hat from Koi. I enjoy making this project so much that I’ve already finished one for me, one for Lil A, and one for C’s teacher. It’s like when my friend learned to caramelize onions–"Would you like some caramelized onions on your oatmeal?"
I’ll use almost any excuse to make and give one of these away. In fact, I think I’ll try to make one for the Madison Knitter’s Guild charity garment drive by the next meeting…..

November 13, 2007 by Knitcircus

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