Hi there, long time no see readers!

I think my brain has recovered from the heat of last weekend, and I am getting the hunger to knit again.  The bummer is, I haven’t been able to pick up and work on my alpaca/silk sweater even though I should.  I am almost done with the back portion and I think I’d feel much better about it if I could get that big part finished.  The problem is that it has been puked on by two species, pooped on, and has chive aioli smeared all over it.  The sweater isn’t even made and it is already befouled.  Sigh.  Once I get onto a new segment of the piece it will be like a fresh start, If I can keep it from getting peed on or sprouting mushrooms or something.

In the meantime, I wanted to come up with another quick patter for our premiere issue of Koi.  We were in one of our favorite local yarn shops, The Knitting Tree (Where Jaala and I both got our knitting start as it happens) when I got drawn into the vortex that is Noro.

I love Noro.

I mean, really love, Noro.

I can’t resist it and am always looking for excuses to work with it. So, I made up a pattern today for a baby/kid’s jumper which will be just perfect.

Of course, I was a pushover today and came home with two skeins each of Kureyon and Silk Garden, in nice autumn colors.  Which brings me back to the question in the title.  Kureyon and Silk Garden, that is all you really need. 

And that is a fact, Jack.


October 12, 2007 by Knitcircus

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