Li’l C starts kindergarten tomorrow! I can hardly stand the swirling of emotions; relief, chagrin, nostalgia, urge to hug, edge of panic, general excitement….
We need to check and double-check all of the colored pencils,  gym shoes, papers, folders, lunch supplies, etc, before the big day.
I’ve also decided to start a tradition of Back-to-School cake. Marking special occasions with baked goods being one of my favorite things to do, so later this afternoon the kids and I will look through all of our recipe books to choose the best possible kind of cake and frosting for tomorrow.
Did I also mention that my brother gets married this Saturday? so along with the new schools for both kids (A starts preschool tomorrow, too) we’re preparing for that big deal, too. Yesterday, my parents took the kids and I sewed A’s ringbearer pillow, which took quite a lot of thought and hand-sewing for such a simple object. I also shopped the registry for gifts and wrapped everything. With the scraps leftover form the bridal sash and ringbearer pillow, I also need to whip up a headband for C and six ribbons for the bridesmaid and flower girl bouquets.
No problem! I seem to have responded to this whirlwind of events by starting a whirlwind of projects. What my friend Lizzy calls, "Throwing another project on the flames."

So I’ve got C’s secret birthday sweater, A’s Where’s Waldo sweater, my dad’s Kaffe-Fassett-inspired scarf, some Fair Isle mittens, and a felted bag for my mom all on the needles. Sorry, no pix, we just installed a new operating system and I can’t find the photo files.
At the same time, I’ve decided that C must have a Back-to-school dress, and I already made her a smock, per school regulations.  So today, I hope to finish the dress–it’s all cut out and ready to roll.
Okay, kids’ spirits may be running a little too high right now, so I think we’re going to round them up for some apple-picking (then I’ll have another project–applesauce!).
Happy holiday to all of you USA people– sending out good wishes to all of the parents getting their kids ready for a new school year today.

September 03, 2007 by Knitcircus

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