Well, today was my last day at the Big Clinic, and I’m using my meditation techniques to breathe through all of the associated feelings, relief, regret, panic, excitement….It was a lateral move, maybe…my health is a little delicate, like a drooping Victorian bride’s, so when I had to call in sick, I felt terrible knowing that my poor patients would have to wait three months to see me again. Working at home will give me more flexibility. We’ve moved everything out of the second bedroom except my massage table, a handmade chair and bookshelf full of professional books.
This noon as I idled in traffic waiting for the huge bottleneck downtown to open up (it’s student move-in day) I realized that I’ll certainly be saving on gas working at home, and that idea made me happy. Maybe even unreasonably happy, but living up to my ethics is something that feels pretty important to me, and I don’t live up to them as much as I’d sometimes wish. Every little bit helps, right?

In knitting news, the kids helped me dye three skeins of Knitpick’s Swish Superwash Bare.Img_0138
Since Li’l C’s birthday is coming up, I wanted to make her a sweater, but figured she’d like best something that she designed.
We used Easter egg dye in colors that she picked out, yellow, blue and purple.  It startled me that the same blue and purple that looked so elegantly pale on the laceweight we dyed earlier in the year turned out very bright on this yarn. The chemical world is mysterious, indeed.
As it turned out, I’m not so great at thinking ahead, either (or telling which tablet is which in their dried-up form), so we have one skein with two purple tabs, one with one purple (this picture) and one with just blue and yellow. She said it wouldn’t bother her, and I hope it doesn’t. We just plain ran out of purple!
Note to self, next year buy lots more of those dyes when they go on sale.

I’ve started knitting her sweater, which must be finished by the last week of September, and carry it around with me everywhere. With my New Speedy technique, the gauge is coming in much smaller than I’m used to, and I marvel at the dense, springy texture of the fabric. I used the Handy Book of Patterns to figure out how many stitches to cast on, then started with double that for a 6-row ruffle on the bottom. Now I’ve got about four-five inches done, and I’m going to try using Elizabeth Zimmerman’s percentage system for the rest. I’m excited! This is the first time I’ve used the work of the master.Img_0127

In non-knitting news, our French Zucchini cracks me up. They’re perfectly round!


August 29, 2007 by Knitcircus

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